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I am not a "Denny's Rat"...

No, I am something much worse...

I am a Denny's Brat, my dad was manager of a Denny's in Carmel California and I literally grew up in Denny's.

When I was 7 years old my dad left the Denny's and took a job working in nuclear plants,that kept us moving around allot, and everywhere we went we ended up at Denny's,during every phase of moving...

Pack up the house = go to Denny's (because everything is getting sent ahead and we have no plates ect...)

Drive to new town = stop at Denny's at least twice on the way.

Get to new house = go to Denny's (because nothing is unpacked and nobody wants to cook anyway)

Meeting new friends = go to Denny's (where else is the new kid supposed to go?)

On and on this went,until I moved out on my own, now I go to Denny's because there is nothing else to do in this town,and nowhere else to go.

I would probably be there now except I am broke.

Some people get homesick for a state, or a town, I get homesick for Denny's.It's very sad, I am there so much the manager has given me a ride home (and he knew where I live,without having to tell him) the staff not only know me by my nickname,but I have walked in and gotten phone messages.
They remembered my birthday when nobody else did, and if I go to long without going to Denny's they call me to make sure I am ok.

They even let me get up and go get my own coffee.

Denny's Rats beware, this could happen to you.
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