Jill Hurley (tigbitties) wrote in dennys_junkies,
Jill Hurley

This is exciting.

Ok. so I am one of the crew known as the Denny's Hoar's a.k.a. Danny's Dames. (Our waiter's name is Dan.) I am at Denny's 2-3 times a week, and know more about the sex lives of my waitstaff than I do my own. We've got the three queers-Dan, Nick and John. Three other ladies-Karen, Raeann and Lynn, the kids-Nicole, Anastasia and Eric. The Managers-CJ, Aaron and Gordie.

We ususally have a really good time. Dan always give me a hug when I come in and usually a kiss on the cheek. Although mgmt does give him crap about it.

There are some nights when I will know everyone in the smoking section. Some of us want to make up T-shirts that have Dan's picture on it that says Danny's Dames or Danny's Dolls on it. I will see if I can figure out how to post pictures of Dan, or a video we shot at Denny's a few weeks ago.

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